The Sport of Paintball Has Many Variations

 The Sport of Paintball Has Many Variations

Paintball is a globally recognized sport. Players use paintball guns to try and eliminate their opponents in simulated war games. When a player is marked by a paintball, they 38 super ammo for sale re out. The victory conditions vary depending upon the game. Paintball requires specialized equipment to ensure the safety of the players. While game gear is highly customizable in price and style, the minimal equipment needed is a gun, a hopper, paintballs and a mask.

Paintball guns are also known as paintball markers. There are two basic styles available for players: the mechanical marker and the electronic marker. The mechanical marker does not require electricity and the electronic marker uses batteries. The electronic marker is more expensive and may require a compressed air tank to operate. The benefits of an electronic marker are they can be fired in bursts of three or even in fully automatic rounds. The hopper holds the paintballs. The basic model uses gravity to load the ammo while the agitated hopper utilizes a small motor. Most players use standard paintballs that is easy to wash out. There are other options, like glow-in-the-dark paint or even professional grade ammo. A paintball can travel at speeds over 200 miles per hour, so the protective mask is very important. A good mask covers the player’s face, ears and neck. Some paintball masks come with a thermal lens which does not fog up during play. Other useful game accessories are gloves and kneepads.

While most games consist of two teams in a wooded area shooting at each other, the variations are endless. Creative takes on the game include goals, like protect the VIP. The VIP has no gun, but does get a trio of bodyguards. The goal is to escort the VIP to the safe zone. Speedball tournaments are also very popular. In speedball, the terrain is usually small and enclosed with ample cover. Players must work together providing cover fire and support to eliminate the other team. There are even special clubs that enjoy reenacting famous historical battles, like Iwo Jima. Several commercial companies host organized games in large

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