I, Ego, and Power

I: – A vowel that didn’t show up in that frame of mind for which there is close to nothing, or would it be a good idea for me I say not one IOTA of, motivation to hold up for individual glorification. The inner self is man’s most noteworthy prevention and his seriousness has him like the evil presences he has made in his IGNORANCE!


Math has a language so unadulterated it can’t lie. Energy has a long list of motivations to adjust to great numerical formulae and this is supposed to be the most effective way of conveying. Digitized ‘bits’ are not what’s going on with it; however they are double mathematical that came from it, and make our PC age conceivable. In 1650 BC An Egyptian recorder duplicated something into what is known as the Rhind Papyrus. Where it came from is impossible to say. It incorporates paired math.

That being said I should admit this specific piece has numerous things in it that I don’t have any idea. I have perused a few things connected with it however never knew about it in the phrasing ‘I O Torus’. You can assume that it has legitimacy and that the author herself doesn’t completely comprehend it by the same token. Or on the other hand you can pass judgment on it as established truth got from ‘The Table of Destiny’ which it likely could be through the ‘Sign of Qayin’. On the off chance that she did exclude an examination project done in France, I wouldn’t be moved to incorporate it under this heading or even utilize the term. I would track down alternate ways of communicating what I think it is managing. It absolutely is an activity to test whether the peruser has a receptive outlook.

“As I dealt with my next book, ‘Mystery of the Grail’, I gazed in wonder at the 8,000 year old ‘letters in order’ before me. In spite of the fact that, I had kept a duplicate of these bizarre ‘images’ near my PC throughout recent months without grasping the reason why, abruptly, at that time I understood where I had seen these inquisitive mathematical signs previously – in the many harvest circle photos that I had analyzed throughout the long term.” (1)

Crafted by Marija Gimbutas is most likely what prompted her language that she is calling the ‘Ea ANNA’ script. ‘Ea’ is Greek for ‘of’ and ‘de’ and instead of her name it might connect with the De Danaan, regardless of whether she knows it. Gimbutas and others like Richard Rudgely who composed ‘Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age’ call it Old European. She (DeAnna) seems twisted on the dolls that seem to be ‘dark’ outsiders. The epistemic craftsmanship foundation of these and other indistinct figures has barely anything to do with outsiders and may have something to do with human airs, or simply illustrative workmanship. The Tartessus utilization of a language announced by Strabo appears to be no less than 1,000 years more established than this dating, however the lobbies of the scholarly community need more confirmation. The Saharan letter set is from a similar period. The foundations of all language incorporate divinatory math, for example, will be pondered in her article; however language had a communication via gestures root and reciting otherworldly root that we will investigate under Ogham. Apparently probable that there is a human kind race (Mungo Man or much more established ones) that coincided with Homo sapiens and showed them a portion of these early language or specialized instruments. Almost certainly, the de Danaan were a Benefits are given  portion of their understudies or even potential they were these antiquated primates.

With respect to the outsider Mars foundation of mankind I am not leaned at this point to get it. The new disclosure of water on Mars and life in fleeting material from Mars might buffet these cases. The sky is the limit, however I like to search for answers that are developed with bit by bit rationale.

“Besides, as distrustful as it appeared, I recollected that in ‘The McDaniel Report’, Professor Stanley McDaniel cautiously and carefully subtleties the inquisitive ‘markings’ seen on the PC improvements of the Mars ‘Face’ – peculiar markings quickly conspicuous in the language that I named the EA ANNA Script for the ‘Place of ANNA.’ {A second arrangement of photographs of the ‘Mars Face’ in nearer definition show no face except for a rectangular base that Mars beginning aficionados are currently engaged upon. The ‘face’ isn’t a FACE and it was great of NASA to task resulting trips to address the worries of people.}

At the end of the day, here was a ‘numerical’ language scientifically measured at 8,000 years of age (conceivably 500 million years of age as indicated by one analyst), an old language involved odd images that helped me to remember different Native American signs. As a matter of fact, the little specks and bi-lines, clear numerical images conceivably addressing the Power’s of one, two, three, and so on, could be found in the Mayan mathematical framework. I additionally understood that albeit specific scientifically measuring strategies could be raised doubt about, the reality was that maybe countless the dolls of the Great Mother Goddess as Creator of Mankind were engraved with these mathematical plans. {I have seen proof to draw the start of the association between Old European markings in Gimbutas’ book ‘Language of the Goddess’ that permits this connection with Mayan.}…

Albeit the primary language on Earth is viewed as Sumerian, this mysterious letters in order was obviously dated somewhere around 2,000 years more seasoned. {Rudgely says it was acknowledged as a letters in order until the dating showed it was 2,000 years more established. Then, at that point, they called it ‘documentation’ or counts. He accurately discredits the absence of uprightness that modifies realities to fit winning speculations, and gives numerous instances of this peculiarity [ego?]. He is an Oxford prepared master in workmanship history as it applies to archaeology.} A frightening disclosure that demonstrates that as opposed to old civic establishments moving from east to west, from Mesopotamia as recently accepted, {There are numerous researchers since the mid 70s who have given this insight an impolite going over according to all perspectives, particularly designing and the social construction of adepthoods around Stonehenge, etc.} these calmly existing together social orders relocated from old Europe {Where the Keltic god DANA and DN=Don and Danube, as well as DNN=Danaan or Homer’s Denians.} to the Middle East. This likewise made sense of why the Mother Goddess loved by every old development, including the Hopi who actually venerate her as the Snake Mother {The ‘snake’ in the Milky Way and the cosmology of numerous onlookers of the heavens.} who came to Earth to make humanity {A motivation behind why when the ‘snake’ didn’t contact the Earth in the sky that the Inca public realized a groundbreaking change was going to happen. This is a piece of the TV narrative I referenced before concerning the Inca.}, is as yet perceived as AN or ANNA in Ireland and Scotland, though in the Middle East, the early northern semites had changed the female name of AN or ANU to that of a male ‘god’. Simultaneously, Sumerologists have recognized a reality that has been to a great extent smothered; a particularly female language existed in Sumer. This language was utilized solely for sacrosanct purposes much as the peculiar markings in the EA ANNA script were engraved solely on female puppets of the ‘Mother’…

Simultaneously, to comprehend the Mars secret, analyzing the significant distinction between antiquated civic establishments that rehearsed an inexactly characterized ‘religion’ of nature and customary religions of today that love a male ‘god is totally pivotal’. While the earliest civic establishments respected the Mother as Creator, through intricate services related with the patterns of seasons, offering gifts of food and roses, conventional religions rake in billions of tax exempt dollars, quite a bit of it detectable to weapon running, drug dealing and illegal tax avoidance activities. Goddess ‘revering’ (a term not utilized until the sixteenth 100 years) developments had confidence in opportunity of decision; the significance of self-experience and that it was feasible to discuss straightforwardly with a higher source {Do you think a child of the ‘curve tecton’ group of David and Solomon was raised as a scholarly Essene or ‘Therapeutae’ to know this and other things?=Jesus.}. Thusly, it was not important to convey through a middle person like a cleric, rabbi or priest; therefore, love was a higher priority than power {The ‘living dad inside’ and ‘We are the offspring of God’ (YHVH). of Jesus.}. A long ways from the present influence structures that are straightforwardly associated with smothering the singular right of opportunity of decision and the sluggish disintegration of our protected privileges {And a justification behind the treatment of the ‘cash transformers’ in the Temple [of the Sadducees] by Jesus.}…

Is it conceivable, that as the development of mankind occurred, these inquisitive images were initially a ‘clairvoyant’ language utilized for of correspondence among people and gods that were extraterrestrial in beginning {Or progressed primates like the Mungo Man}? Without a doubt, two EA ANNA script images specifically firmly recommend that this is the situation – the I (a line) and the O (spot or circle).

As nanotechnologist, B. C. Crandall told us, the ‘I’ and the ‘O’ some way or another gets to ‘memory’, or conceivably a higher insight. At the point when a specific atom in the eye sees, peruses or composes these two twofold figures. Much as the PC is modified, the I and O were utilized to open and close memory. Nervous system specialists additionally recognize that the mathematical images in the Crop Circles are called ‘Antopitic’ structures. These structures differ between individuals however this consecrated math is found in the beginning phases of reflection. Then, at that point, as the ‘hyperdimensional’ mind of the individual goes further into changed conditions of cognizance, these mathematical structures blend in with the natural types of regular day to day existence…

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